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As an Occupational Therapist, with training in how habits, routines, and roles influence our daily performance, Patty specializes in helping individuals and families overcome the barriers to implementing lifestyle changes that are critical to recovering from developmental and chronic health conditions.  Completing her Functional Medicine Health Coaching certification has expanded her role to also help people with nutrition and stress transformation so one can achieve their highest level of health.  

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ADHD & Autism


Helping to improve symptoms and promote developmental skills with diet, detoxification, targeted functional activities and an optimal sensory environment.

Preconception Care

Focus on detoxification and building nutrient reserves as well as decreasing inflammation for women with chronic health conditions.

Occupational Therapy and  Functional Medicine


Interfacing Occupational Therapy and the Functional Medicine Paradigm.  Opportunities for enhanced practice especially in the practice areas of Health and Wellness and Primary Care.

Autoimmune Disease

Gain control of your symptoms and experience improved energy through diet, detoxification, movement and mind body practices.


Functional Healing and Wellness

Functional Healing and Wellness was created to serve those who look to know how to heal and flourish, even in the face of developmental delay, disease or disability. 






Functional Healing and Wellness will assist individuals and families to identify practical solutions, in order to implement lifestyle interventions that will enable their highest level of health and happiness!

Functional Healing and Wellness also aims to develop a supportive community who:

Believes in the body’s innate ability to heal itself

Focuses on what is important vs what is wrong

Prioritizes self care

Knows that food is medicine

Overcome the barriers to a healthy lifestyle

Helps each other on the path from illness to wellness

Most Importantly
Teaches these concepts to our children
Knows how to have FUN with diet and lifestyle changes!!!


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I’m grateful for Patty’s organized plan, knowledge and positive attitude.  Her enthusiasm and check-ins inspired me to work hard on the goals I outlined with her.  My schedule is demanding and the flexibility of phone meetings was appreciated, especially when I couldn’t meet in person.  Patty provided the accountability I needed in order to make the lifestyle changes required to overcome my health concerns.  I believe Patty’s services are a great investment for anyone needing help with diet, sleep or stress management to improve their health.

Tom L. - Executive

I always knew that diet made a difference for my son, who has symptoms of ADHD and autism, but I dreaded the thought of changing my families eating habits.  Patty taught me practical solutions and helped me to develop a mindset that made implementing a new food plan less stressful. She also taught us about all the different factors that contributed to my child’s symptoms, such as blood sugar swings, as well as simple ways address them.  Strategies on how to source the food we needed and how to use my son’s sensory environment to our advantage were invaluable.  Through a healthy diet and specific exercises, our son has made a lot of progress with motor skills and his interactions with other kids.
Though there were challenges, Patty showed us how to use our family strength of perseverance to accomplish the goals we set and find the strategies that worked best for us.  I can testify that Patty’s comprehensive plan has benefitted my entire family, but it has really opened up possibilities for our son.

I was excited to find Patty’s preconception care program.  I didn’t realize until recently how important it was to get my body ready for a baby, especially since I have an autoimmune disease.  I know the way that I lived in the past would not be considered healthy and was feeling anxious about what that would mean for a pregnancy.  Patty made me feel supported in my health goals and gave me all the resources I need to get my body and my environment in the best condition it can be.  Completing an elimination diet and developing a food plan that keeps the inflammation down in my body has given me a lot of confidence in knowing how to take care of myself.  Not only are my autoimmune symptoms much improved, I am also more confident in my body and can tell what my triggers are. 

Ellie S. - Future mom

Pam G. - Mom of client


Patty Sherman Campbell MS, OTR/L, FMCHC, 

Founder, Occupational Therapist,

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach


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