Use these techniques so that you are not spending most of your time in bed or at the doctor’s offices.  Instead, use these strategies to gain more ENERGY, reduce PAIN, and spend QUALITY TIME with friends and family.

Your personalized plan could include:

Research based food plans that are gut healing, decrease inflammation, identify and remove dietary triggers and optimize digestion.

Evaluate and remove environmental triggers that may have caused and perpetuated the autoimmune condition.

Restoration and Relaxation Toolkit
Create a go to list of mind-body techniques that can be used to promote rest and repair in your body.

Develop routines that improve overall functional performance by decreasing pain while increasing strength and balance, in a way that does not promote harmful stress in the body.

Adaptive Equipment or Alternative Techniques
Evaluate the need for specialized equipment or techniques to help control fatigue and pain while allowing for participation in lifestyle healing strategies.