Interfacing Occupational Therapy and Functional Medicine

Another mission of Functional Healing and Wellness is to educate the OT community about using the Functional Medicine paradigm in our practice.

Functional Medicine enables all health professionals to practice proactive, personalized care but what is really most important is that it empowers patients to take an active role in their own health.

This is very similar to OT philosophy where we work from an operating system that believes the person we are working with is more than the disease we are providing support for, and we are most effective when we provide this care in a client centered way.

With lifestyle factors being the primary point of intervention, our training to assess habits, roles and routines, make occupational therapists uniquely qualified to help individuals and families overcome the barriers to making these changes. Though OT’s have a couple of options for training in the FM paradigm, a certification in Functional Medicine Health Coaching (FMHC) allows us to work within our scope of practice. The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (FMCA) expands an occupational therapist’s competencies to address the areas of nutrition and specific mind body techniques using positive psychology and coaching skills.

To learn even more about incorporating Functional Medicine Health Coaching in OT practice, please listen to the talk I gave to the Holistic OT group here…

This talk includes:
Explaining the Functional Medicine (FM) paradigm
Functional Medicine Health Coaching Certification through the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy
How OT’s can integrate Functional Medicine Health Coaching certification in practice
Q&A session that addresses licensure issues, billing, COTA’s using this certification, and how to find and work with a Functional Medicine practitioner in a primary care model

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