Preconception Care

The field of epigenetics is teaching us that our environment (internal and external) has profound effects on the way our genes express themselves.  The way our genes express themselves are passed on to our children.  Using these strategies will help to MINIMIZE NEGATIVE ENVIRONMENTAL EFFECTS and will allow you to be at your HIGHEST LEVEL OF HEALTH before conception.

Your personalized plan, that should start 6 months to 1 year before conception depending on your health status, could include:

Food plans that focus on gut health, decrease inflammation and maximize nutrient density.  

Evaluate toxic exposure and the remove environmental toxins if necessary. Evaluate the living and work environment for possible exposures and to strategies to improve safety.

Genetic Testing/Bloodwork
Use tests like 23andme to assess methylation and detoxification pathways and determine what special supports your body may need during pregnancy.  Learn which blood tests you doctor should run.

Exercise and Sleep
Evaluate exercise routines and sleep habits as both play critical roles in detoxification and normal hormone regulation.

Stress Transformation
Develop a rest and relaxation toolkit that helps lowers inflammation and promotes normal hormone regulation.