Improve Health and Resilience Part 1: Functional Nutrition and Detoxification

Whether you are looking to move from illness to wellness or you want to prevent chronic disease, Patty's approach is to individualize plans in functional nutrition and detoxification, transformation of the stress response and targeted functional activities, to help you achieve your goals.

Functional Nutrition and Detoxification Part 1

“Getting the Ingredients Right”

When you are baking, you need certain types of ingredients in the right combination. Leave out the egg and the recipe doesn’t hold together. Put too much spice in and the taste is off.

Or think about what it takes to play a winning game of baseball. You need a variety of players (catcher, outfielder, pitcher, fielders) who work as a team. If you have lots of 1st basemen and no outfielders, you will not be able to coordinate the necessary actions to win the game.

This applies to how your body functions as well. For example, if your body doesn’t have enough B vitamins, healthy fat, and healthy protein, by eating things like green leafy vegetables, olive or coconut oil, and pastured animals or wild caught sea food, you will be unable to make enough of the neurotransmitters needed that help with focus and regulate mood. Conversely, when we have too much of a nutrient, (or more likely we have something in our body that doesn't belong there, such as environmental toxins or trans fats), that also interferes with our body being able to carry out the correct physiology, just like the overzealous fan that runs onto the field and interrupts a play.

In this step of the approach, we use functional nutrition and detoxification to correct nutrient deficiencies and excesses in order to get the body to express its highest level of health.

All food and detoxification plans are personalized for clients of Functional Healing and Wellness. These services are also offered with personalized recipes from Chef Sarah Brewer. Check out this service here!

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